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All-New MSRP on DVG and CPX Pistols for 2023

CPX-2 Gen 3 with stainless vented slide

Pictured: SCCY CPX-2 Gen-3 with optional stainless vented slide. High inflation shouldn’t stand in your way from personally protecting yourself. For 2023, we’ve lowered the MSRP on DVG-1, CPX-1 Gen 3, CPX-2 Gen 3, CPX-3 and CPX-4. Both the CPX-2 Gen 3 and CPX-3 in dovetail sight configuration can be purchased for the new MSRP…

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three sccy dvg-1 pistols

Content below is courtesty of These days, with wallets being gripped a little tighter than they normally would, everyone is on the lookout for a good deal. The SCCY DVG-1 is just that in time for the holidays. For those who are new to concealed carry the DVG-1 is a great solution that won’t…

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NRA American Rifleman Review: SCCY Industries Gen3 CPX Series Pistols

sccy cpx-1 gen3

The following content was originally created on Concealed-carry pistol trends of the past have not changed good deal, much like men’s necktie styles. They get smaller, then bigger, then smaller again, ad nauseam. But the latest get-smaller pistol trend, namely, the “micro nine” sub-compact 9 mm pistols, look like they are here to stay. The…

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How to Clean & Maintain Your SCCY DVG-1

nick coyne cleaning dvg-1

Whether you are doing your research to potentially purchase a SCCY DVG-1 9mm pistol, just got back from the range, or looking for a quick refresher, Nick Coyne, Director of Manufacturing for SCCY Firearms, gives you a quick and easy refresher on how to properly disassemble, inspect, clean and reassemble your DVG series pistol. To…

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